Getting a chance to interact with new people who have shared values, passions and hobbies is an opportunity that one can’t just miss. In most cases, such interactions tend to induce great enthusiasm and interest of understanding different opinions and expressions made by individuals involved. Such shared moments can now be made real since the introduction of the Buddypass Chat app. It has been designed with a great focus of boosting great interaction between individual in a surrounding locality or city. 

Apparently, this fantastic app has adopted a user-friendly platform to ensure that the interaction is efficient in a manner that brings great satisfaction to its users. Individuals with related passions, interests, past experiences and hobbies can comfortably share them in an interactive platform. Whether one is in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or Toronto, the entire experience has been made possible in a simple way!

How the Buddypass Chat app operates

The entire operation is pretty simple once it has been installed into a compatible device. The next step is identifying different groups, friends and events in the surrounding locality. In the event that the users share similar interests, passions and hobbies, they can initiate chats in secure platforms and openly share different ideas and opinions. For instance, under the “Events”, one can be able to understand the present events in the surrounding and even get a chance to go and engage in some of them. With Buddypass Chat app, it is all about interacting and having great fun!

Compatible Devices For Buddypass Chat app

This version 2.2 of Buddypass Chat app was recently updated on 26th September, 2016 to improve on its features and overall performance. Thus, it requires strong devices to effectively support it. Currently, the recommended ones include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, iOS 7.0 or any new version can be well-compatible with this app.

Below are the unique features that one will discover from the Buddypass Chat app:

Find local events worth engaging in

With Buddypass Chat app, the user can easily identify different events that one is attracted to. The events in most cases are available in the surround locality thus it becomes quite easy to even engage in some of them. Whether one is a soccer fan or an ardent rugby player, it becomes easy to get information about them and when they are bound to be played.

Create real lasting friends

Through engaging in constant chats with some common users of this app, one will discover that a strong friendship link will be absolutely created. This is especially where the chatting involves individuals with shared interests, passions and hobbies. It becomes quite easy to interact and even engage in different outdoor and indoor activities together.

Develop and explore new hobbies

Depending on the events that are available in the current neighborhood, one can try out something new. Ever thought of playing golf or lawn tennis? Those are some of the activities and sports that one can engage into with new friends. Meanwhile, there are some activities such as chatroom gossip sessions or favorite pastime that can be done efficiently regardless of where an individual is!


Meet and interact with new people

Buddypass Chat app offers its users an incredible opportunity to meet new faces of individuals who are ready to interact in the best way possible. Truly, the experience is great and filled with anticipation of getting to learn new things about other people in the surrounding city. Besides, this app offers individuals a chance to mingle and even meet to share experiences together.

Here are the Pros and Cons that one will identify from the Buddypass Chat app:


· High quality graphics and themes

· A chance to learn new things

· It’s amazing sharing hobbies, passions and interests

· The interactive session is lively and active

· Great updates while visiting new cities


· Infrequent in performance if not updated

· Mild profanity


Buddypass Chat app has proven to be the next-gen chatting platform by integrating high quality features and amazing interactive platform. The users are offered a unique opportunity of meeting new people, exploring new hobbies, getting updated on events and also having great fun. With a clear focus of enhancing communication, this social app is absolutely worth recommending. It is now available for free at App Store. Get it today and make new friends!