Flying a drone across different skyscrapers is not only fun but also spectacular due to the wide aerial coverage that one is exposed to. However, it might turn slightly risky if there are obstacles on the way, thus the need to take effective precaution in preventing the drone from crashing. The gaming industry has been boosted by the introduction of the highly improved Drone Lander App game. Designed and created by SYSREB, this incredible app brings new adventure to its users in locating different landing points. In order to boost its performance, the developers have integrated superb graphics and amazing functional features. So far the game is top rated with an overall 4+ stars, a clear indication of its great performance and usability!

Getting into the Game

Drone Lander App has adopted an amazing interface which makes the user to have an easy time playing it. The game is set off once the player has selected the entry-level drone and clicked the start button. As a player, one is required to offer the needed control skills for the flying drone in order for it to ultimately reach the landing point circle and land safely. Meanwhile, there are obstacles on the way that the player needs to overcome so that the drone may not crash. Besides, the game comes with different earnings in form of bonus gold that the player can be rewarded upon making safe landing. Such bonus can be used to unlock different drones available thus bringing a new experience.

Check below for the fantastic features that are evident in the Drone Lander App game:

Awesome 3D Graphics

The first thing that captures the player’s attention is the amazing integration of the high quality 3D graphics. For instance, the skyscrapers have been perfectly designed and offer great aerial view as the drone moves from a vantage point. Actually, the entire view ( with resolution of 720 x 1280 and more) makes the game highly defined and worth playing!

Realistic flying physics applied

The player will discover that the game has currently adopted different types of drones (about 7 of them) that have been designed in unique ways. Apparently, the physics that has been applied as they fly on top of skyscrapers is absolutely incredible. This close to real’ experience makes the player feel closely connected to the drone and having real control on its performance.

Highly defined location maps

As the player engages in the game, getting a map that offers the accurate directions can highly improve on the overall performance. Drone Lander App game has taken that into account by integrating two uniquely-designed maps to offer such assistance. The maps are actually well-tailored to the entire flight taken by the drone to its ultimate point.

Pilot different drones with full control

A chance to have total control on the drone makes the user have a great flight experience while trying to locate the landing point. Meanwhile, in order to achieve this, there is need to use the different control components in the best way possible in order to get the precise location. Major control features applied are acceleration, altitude, speed and proper handling.


Many levels to encounter

In order to ensure that the game remains active and efficient, the developers have been keen in incorporating more levels to boost the entire gaming experience. With over 45 levels for players to tackle, Drone Lander App game expect the players to use their gaming skills to enable them complete such levels.

Suitable Devices for Drone Lander App game

Apparently, the recommended devices for this tool are Android-based which should start from version 2.3 and above. This is meant to ensure that the overall output and performance is paramount.

Below are the Pros and Cons that one will discover while using the Drone Lander App:


· Super awesome design and graphic effects

· Comes with a challenge worth taking

· Amazing user-interface platform

· Great earnings for upgraded drones

· Offers fantastic gaming experience


· Infrequent in performance due to crashing

· Control features irresponsive at times

Final Verdict

Getting an app game that not only offers a unique experience but also gives the user full control of its operation is absolutely worth going for. Drone Lander App game has proven to provide unstoppable drone experience in a unique way. The presence of the amazing features ensures that the user gets the best out of this drone game. Thus it is highly recommended to any ardent game player. Get it today from Google Play and get started!


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