If you are looking for a cool game that you can play on your iPad, iPhone or even any other tablet now that it has hit the Android market there is a game right up your alley. It is called Frontline Commando and the graphics contain some mind blowing artwork.


In Frontline Commando you are a lone surviving commando that needs to carry on the mission. Shoot your way through enemy territory in this addictive and enjoyable game. You will not want to put down your mobile device as you will be shooting your way to awesome powerups and great weapons. The touch screen controls are fantastic and glide perfectly with what you want your character to do.



This game is worthy of the quick download time that it takes to get it into your mobile device and definitely worthy of your time to play it. Get a sniper rifle and zoom in for some great shots on the enemy forces. Or get a little more fire power and take down that chopper with a missile launcher. Need some extra points, nail a headshot for a great way to get them. Every bit of the graphics from the weapons to the surrounding scenery moves right along with you for a realistic approach to mobile gaming.