With the latest chat messengers installed in your Android phone, you don’t need any SMS service, do you? Well, though most of the crop of audience will certainly say a big “NO”, there’d still be some shy faces murmuring a small Yes in their conserved thoughts. These are the guys who’re still devoid of any such chat messengers. This small lot may also have our parents sitting who still don’t know how to use a “Smart” phone. So they’re still listening to radios when iPods are available in the market. So now if you want to share a song with them, generation gap arrives, right? But if we can bridge this gap somehow, then I guess the problem will be very much solved. If the radio is Bluetooth compatible or if your iPod can run the same frequency as of the radio, you’re both on the same side.

Now Messenger is the new Android app developed by Now RTT that very much solves the problem of having a different chat and SMS messenger. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.2 or any later version of the OS.

Now Messenger combines both the services of SMS and chat under one roof. Though the app covers them both under different modes, Real-time and SMS, you can switch-in between them very easily. With the SMS mode on, you can both send and receive SMS from the app itself while the Real-time mode caters to the chat services. But even if we leave the SMS part, the chat messenger itself is very slick and polished like a gem. Apart from the standard features such as individual/group messaging, voice messages, basic emoji icons pack and blocking unwanted contacts, the app gives you utmost control over your activities.

It’s very normal for one to send a message to the “wrong” person or a “wrong” message to a person. In such cases, once the “send” button is tapped, you’re no longer the in-charge of your words. But with Now Messenger, you can correct it even after being received at the other end. Moreover, you can also take-off your sent images/videos until and unless they’ve been downloaded by the other party. The swipe gestures have also been intuitively integrated to delete conversations/messages and the chat backgrounds are also customizable with you having the right to change them anytime and select a new one from your pictures. Moreover, there have been some changes in the “usual” group structure. Now the group admin is no longer the in-charge of the group. Any member can add other members but yes, they can’t delete the creator itself.


So while there are already many messengers in the market, Now Messenger marks its point very sharply in a bold style. So if you’re still wondering about shifting to this one, just go and check it out! It’s available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: slick interface; send/receive SMS from the app itself; swipe gestures; control over sent messages and images/videos; free.

Cons: none.