Due to the popularity of the Candy Crush Saga the game maker King entertainment has developed a new game based along the lines of Candy Crush. The Candy Crush Soda Saga has similar objectives as Candy Crush with some new challenges and bonuses.

In the Candy Crush Soda Saga there are many challenges for the player. In some levels they have to uncover gummy bears hidden under jelly. To do so they must get a least three candies in a row to crush the jelly block and free the bear. There are still helps including Swedish fish, candy bombs, and stripped candy. There are some new challenges that involve soda bottles. Some levels require the player to crush the soda to help the bear float to the top of the board. The bear has to cross the candy line in order for the player to move on. Other levels require the player to crush a specific numb re of soda bottles to advance.


Like Candy Crush this game is addicting game to play. The bright and colorful mild blowing artwork will keep a person interested in the game play. When a person runs out of lives they can aks their friends to send them more. Some levels are very challenging and a player can be stuck on the same level for several days before advancing. It can be frustrating when stuck but rewarding when the level is finally conquered. This game is free to play and can be downloaded for the iOS system.