Many innovative apps have come into the global market in the recent times. The users of today’s generation generally grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so when the quality genres are introduced they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out, which is what actually happened with Capacity Tracker app developed by 1AM Studios.

Do you need to stay within fire code or other limits of your venue?

If you want to keep track of the number of attendees at your event, or, visitors to your store then simply download the Capacity Tracker to keep track of persons entering and leaving your store, restaurant, office, place of worship, and more.

More importantly you can also save the number of attendees so you can compare attendance over time. With a free account, you can also keep track of multiple entrances and exits easily. Clean and simple to use interface permits you to

  • You can update count and persons enter and leave easily
  • Also Get alerted when a building is at capacity
  • The Sync count across multiple devices to keep track of all entrances and exits with ease
  • Do not worry about screen automatically locking
  • You can collect history of your event sizes.

The Capacity Tracker app is a good overall performer in this category and can serve the purpose very easily. Users who look for feature-loaded apps are going to love this app. It is available to download on Play Store. Everything is wholly packed in this popular app with ton of salient aspects for users. This app is appreciated from all corners of global users.

Final Thoughts

As a fan of Capacity Tracker app developed by 1AM Studios, it is one that did not disappoint. The features are absolutely beneficial and make me think about from a different perspective now, and it’s just downright to use it.