This popular Paradise Bay for iOS app has something to fill in entertaining time where everyone liked to enjoy. It’s wholly engaging and has certain amount of enjoyment to be derived from watching your little settlement slowly grow.   Paradise Bay is first attempt at something outside of the puzzle genre on mobile platforms.

Paradise Bay would possibly make you building your own little village in a tropical location, immensely producing goods to sell to other players or trade for several resources. The users could take the role of the Trademaster, whose job is to restore the once relished Paradise Bay to its prime glory.

At the beginning of the game, the users have got very little in the way of resources to work with. Some cotton seeds, a turtle that would go fishing if you offer it with a net and a perfect workshop that would refine cotton into fishing nets.

You could unlock more buildings, resources, and characters to trade with. It’s a quality standard formula by this point. At the start, things move vastly. The timers are short, and effective progress is possible in a single play session. After the first hour or so, amazing things begin to take a bit longer to build or grow, and resources begin to get thinner than your requirements. As with most games of this type, you’re meant to just check in for a few minutes at a time during your day to collect things and get the wheels (and timers) turning again


It is enumerated that the island is inhabited by a few characters that would make requests at the trading post for particular items. By fulfilling them, the users get money, experience, and maybe even a little snippet of character details. Money is used to build new structures and vital areas of land for building, while experience goes towards your main level. Your level determines which choices are open to you in terms of places and structures to build. Any excess goods could be sold off to other players after you’ve built a port, and you would finally be able to seek out and purchase other players goods yourself.