CLAIRVOYANT CAKKHU : Listed under the photography category on Google Play, Clairvoyant CAKKHU is an android app that tells what is featured in the photography. The NAMA-owned app answers any questions concerning the picture details.

Knowing what is reflected in the photography has been an uphill task since the introduction of digital cameras. But smartphones are proving to make things easier. Smartphone photography applications like Clairvoyant CAKKHU are capable of analyzing photos and giving crucial information about the photography work.


(i) Concept
The app is based on artificial intelligence. The developer employs Ms. CAKKHU, who answers what is featured in the camera product (picture). It has included a neural network that appraises photos and gives reliable answers about them. It aims to make the work of photographers and graphic designers easier hence enhancing their businesses.

(ii) Visuals
Clairvoyant CAKKHU comes with a good-looking working platform. It features an amazing combination of colors that leave users attracted to the platform and motivated to continue working on it. Photography details are presented in an eye-catching way, making it easier for the user to read & understand and take down necessary notes.

(iii) User Interface
The photography app has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Its links and tabs are more efficient to click and open respectively. Navigating through its windows is a walk in the park. The entire layout is clearly presented: users don’t need to have a guide to use the app. Getting photos onto the interface to analyze them is as simple as making a few clicks on a mobile device.

(iv) User Experience
Clairvoyant CAKKHU is easy to download, install and load. The app is pretty new, but has received hundreds of votes on Google Play. It is designed to get updates and bug fixes, something which will always improve its user experience. Its size is 44MB and requires Android 4.0 and up.