Being a baseball fan, I was expecting something outstanding 9 innings: 2013 pro baseball and has not left me regretting indeed. Outclass features and graphics, near to reality, almost original graphics make me experience like I am in reality playing in ground with the same exuberance that a baseball player throws.It has been recently updated with major advancements. Because of which now it does not create an issue in Samsung galaxy S2 and yet I enjoy the game very much. It is much too near to real-life baseball. It is indeed an addictive game that I could not hold out once I began running it.


It includes my favourite baseball players and their details and that is something rattling. Now I can play with my favourite player. It delivers photographs and stats of 1400 baseball players and yes ACTUAL players across 30 teams which is the evidence of its mind-blowing artwork. Its realistic graphics and dynamic show will make you scream with fun and entertainment. The commands are optimized so it’s not even a bit hard to take in a full flash real game on the phone. It’s fun to play this cool, addictive game.This is the most enjoyable baseball game I have played until and it’s worthy to play this cool game.