Most games are given a story that takes you through the world and different levels in the game. And if there should be a sequel you might not even experience the same world again, or the same characters. The game Chronology changes the tables a little as you get to alter the world you are in from past to future, even freezing time for different effects.

This mind twisting game might leave you confounded but once you realize what you can do you will be blown away by a game where the entire background changes as you flick a button. And past and future will open up new areas of game play, as you solve the puzzles in this plat-former type game. The graphics are outstanding as they are constantly changing as you progress in the game.


Chronology gives you two different characters to play with, with possibilities and potential for each to grow and to help each other out. The animation of both characters immediately puts your right into the game, and will blow your mind. The main character has a fantastic story that will affect the entire game. Recently released on Android devices this past March there is constantly new levels and content being added for your gaming pleasure. The game is free to play, however in app purchases allow you to enhance your gameplay, giving your more options and abilities to choose from.