If you are looking for a little excitement on your phone and you love games of chase where it involves you, a racecar and the police, then you are going to love The Getaway: Traffic Racer 3D. The developers call it a Grand Theft Auto style game without all the violence. But you don’t need the violence of a game to enjoy the great car chases that you can have.

This car escape game has its own challenges that will get you hooked from the beginning. After you are in your car your car racing escape will never end. You are trying to avoid the cops at all cops as you don’t want to head to jail in this fast paced game. Plenty of obstacles will line your path in your car race to freedom, including cop cars, other cars on the streets as well as items on the sidewalk. You need to use your touchscreen and your finger to swerve around the obstacles as fast they come at you in order to not crash.


Adding to the challenge is the ability to collect coins along the way. These coins you will want to save up so you can use for enhancements in the game, creating never ending possibilities for more fun. Warning though, once you start you will get hooked into it.