There are tons of fun and enjoyable games on the market, but when it comes to games that are based off the movies they tend to lose their popularity quickly. Generally only lasting as long as the movie is popular and then something new comes out. But if you are looking for a game that contains mind blowing artwork, than you want to download Gravity – Don’t Let Go today.

 This cool game is based off the popular movie that starred Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. You take control of the astronauts in this game and fight the zero gravity so you can make your way back to the space station and get rescued. Spoiler alert though, if you have not already seen the movie than the story of the game will give it away for you.


It is a very addictive game in which you try and control your character and stop them from maneuvering into deep space, keeping them near the space station or shuttle as much as possible. The game itself is worthy of some awards just as the movie was. The artwork, especially as it shows Earth from space is stunning, and will keep you entranced for hours as you use the touch screen to move with the control jets of your space suit.

 Warning if you get dizzy easily, be careful when you play this game.