Are you having troubles with your life phases? If so, then there is one sure way to exit from such a life and start to schedule your life in a straightforward and worthwhile way; Moiety App. This is the first free app that will ensure your life is free from complex programs and gives you a chance to plan well your life phases. Moiety App is there to have you designed and modified free events in your life. What are you waiting, download and begin to enjoy this excellent app? Get to simplify complicated schedules any time with Moiety App.


This is a magic app as it gives you the chance to customize everything in your life. Once you have the app via downloading, you get to capture all around you. The app is dedicated to working best and factor every important that event you won’t dare miss. Schedule who are to come and those not to, update all your coming events and ensure you check not to miss. All you are dedicated to accomplishing will be achieved in a special way with Moiety App. It updates all your important events and ensures that those are yet to come are appear for you to plan your schedule. You will receive alerts as to those events which seem to be near allowing you to adjust to your schedules freely. Moiety App is an outstanding app that gives room for the user to have everything customized. With the app, you are sure of creating your endless calendar contact groups. This will help you to customize some major events and locations pertaining every of your group.


 Customize your events 

The app gives the room the user to have his or her events, places and events customized. You get to create a group in your calendar naming it’s Crews.’ With your contacts get to bring on board all your friends and make them be private members of its schedule. In your contacts, you and those close to the contacts will have a chance to see upcoming events. Why is the App unique? It is scheduled to send you free texts and alerts on the status of your updates. Get to know who is coming and who is not to attend.

Single tap and quick upload 

The app is designed with the best interfaces that make it easy for one just to click and have that important event in your life uploaded. Made using patent pending technology the user can tap and upload a game into your Smartphone’s calendar.


Use of latest security platforms

Moiety App has adopted security technology like Touch ID login, Biometric access just to have your information protected.


  • Create limitless calendar groups
  • Secure and protected
  • Use of patent pending technology
  • Customer friendly


  • Only needs iOS 9.0 or late
  • Only attuned with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


There is the only way to end those unscheduled phases of your life, Moiety App. It is user-friendly and secure to use. Have your life well-planned. Don’t miss any of your events, place or moment, seize them with Moiety App.