No matter what app users are into, it is just downright assuaging to experience this new app namely Community alert developed by Castle Caption. I was really pulled not only did it feature many beneficial things, but useful for everyone.

Primarily this Community Alert is a search and rescue app for missing people. The app would notify you when someone is missing in your area. Moreover this app is important so everyone in the neighbour hood where one could quickly report sightings of the missing person and found him or her as soon as possible.

Community Alert is also similar to Amber Alert but it directly notifies you on your phone real time. They are free to download and install since it makes the neighbourhood and personal safety more priority.

It is also noted that missing person is an emergency situation and dealt with as fast as possible. With usage of 911 one could effectively report missing people. Amber Alert is generally issued by police. Later it is then adeptly notifying everyone who views the reported person to call the authority, whether it’s the neighbours, friends, family, or strangers. In present modern era, it is faster to get the notification about the recent missing person or amber alert through your phone.

This is where the popular app of Community Alert comes in. They act like a neighbourhood alert for missing person. The app would expediently notify you if someone is missing in a 10 miles radius. It would focus on allowing you to know the face and identity of the person so they can immediately report to the police if you see them. This app is crucial for people search, kid’s safety, and the neighbourhood safety in general. It is best recommended to install this app for better and faster search with quality rescue effort in your area.

After signing in to this app, data’s are collected from the authority about reports of missing people. When there is a kid or person missing in your neighbourhood or within 10 miles radius of your current location, they will send a notification to allow you know about it. Eventually by installing this app you would certainly help make the community safer.

Main Features Community alert

  • It is absolutely free search and rescue app aiming for people search and rescue effort.
  • Sends notification about missing people 10 miles of your radius.
  • Easy to use and important for neighborhood and kids safety.
  • Assist each other by reporting sightings of missing person.
  • It works in the background so they will not disturb your activities
  • Simple, fast sign up and sign in process

As time is very important to find missing people. You can use this safety app that would notify the neighbourhood in real time so everyone could act and report fast. By using this app, search and rescue effort would be a lot simpler. Finally this is a superlative app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.