The world is full of creatures. There are so many but still so different that you can just sing songs in praise of the fingers that carved them on a blank sheet of skin and bones. Some of these creatures are adorable and cute and we keep them as pets while some are as creepy as cockroaches to be avoided even from a distance. Some creatures living deep under the waters are only seen when on the camera of Discovery channel while there are still many of them hiding under the bed from the human species. So when we visit a zoo, the thing that excites us is that there are so many animals that we haven’t seen over a long time and it’s adventurous and thrilling to see them at a 5-metre distance. So what would be your reaction when you visit a zoo and suddenly you see a creature that hasn’t existed before!

You’d be excited and a little bit frightened as well. But don’t worry because the cute little creature that we have here won’t harm you. In fact, you have to save him from being hurt. That cute creature is a part of the latest Android app called Divebomb Chomp that has been developed by Beau James Games. Let’s find out what’s it all about.

Here the cute little Chomp is free falling from the sky like a skydiver with a broken parachute. But here’s the thing that makes it interesting. Chomp is to be fed food that you’ll find in the way. But you must take care that she doesn’t try to gulp on something that’s bigger than her or it will hurt her and decrease her life as well. So try to focus on smaller bites and avoid all the obstacles on your way. A picture at the start of the level will show you what the obstacles are and what the items on the menu are. There are also some power ups that’ll help you regain your lost hearts quickly. So don’t forget to take them on time!

DiveBomb Chomp is high on visual points. You couldn’t have expected a better display of colors, vibrant graphics and some cool animations that all add up to a great feast. The gameplay gets fast and faster in the later stages but it becomes much more interesting that way. The journey which was about having fun and admiring the beautiful sky suddenly becomes a survival challenge and the same clear sky now assumes a thunderous face like that of an evil. But that’s why you signed up for this game, isn’t it?


So at DiveBomb Chomp, there’s every ingredient of fun, thrill and adventure measured up in the right quantities and when they’re all added, believe me the combination is even better. So what are you waiting for? Go on and take on the challenge!

Pros: challenging gameplay; amazing journey; cool graphics; addictive.

Cons: none.