The Gamein30 is an android app that is supported only by android phones version 4.1 and up. It features several games in it that can be played either singly, or in multi player mode. As its name goes, it takes 30 seconds to play one game. Below is a breakdown of the entire game;


  • The app is supported by android phones only.(versions 4.1 up)
  • It is an instant app, can be accessed and installed easily.
  • Gamein30 supports multi players in all its games.
  • It has been incorporated with the unique feature of a keyboard where you can chat with the game itself.
  • The independent players can share the scores attained among each other.
  • It is possible to add personal and customized pictures to your games and even change your username.
  • It comes with a wide range of cool stickers that the players can use.

Features explained

  • The multi player support program in the app works when you as the player are interested to play with those friends or family from your contacts that are also online.
  • The cool stickers that are available add in the excitement to the game and help you express yourself in a much better way.
  • The Gamein30 app offers the importation of your photos as you choose. This assists in making it customized for a better gaming experience.
  • The wide range of games offered by the app make every play time a fun experience.

Taking a closer look at the attractive features and why the Gamein30 app is a great choice, most people prefer it for the following reasons;


  • It is a trendy due to the fashionable features that come with it as a package.
  • It is easy to play since it comes with a clear and easy to understand set of instructions
  • It Has many games hence giving the player/s a wide range of choice

Despite this, there is always the critique factor in everything and the following are some of the noted weak points that the game app is seen to be having.


  • Sometimes during login, the app does not accept the verification code that is provided and keeps barring the user from accessing. Therefore, locking out some interested players.
  • Even though very exciting games are provided, they go for only 30 seconds. For some users, this is such little time especially for those who would like to prolong the play time.
  • The game app is limited to only the android phone users.



Should you try out this app, it in overall is an average performing one considering the above strong hold points such as having a wide range of choice for games, and weak points such as locking out some users from accessing the games in spite of meeting all the required conditions. An upgrade should be done on the login information required to assist those who wish to play. Either way the rest of the features are unique and performing. Most of those who have used it would recommend others to try the app and three stars out of five.