Smart search android app is a fast web browser that gives the user an easy time when looking for contents from various search sites like eBay,google and even Wikipedia.This facilitates quick retrieval of information,images music or videos by the users.It also enables the user to delete the unwanted files or documents instantly.This application was last updated January this year and been have installed by more than 1M people.

Smart search app uses a rapid launch option to work.It has a search box that enables the users to type whatever they want to search instantly.Also it enables users to switch the search engines within the same bookmark thus having a competitive advantage over the other android applications.This application is free to download from play store and has various widgets hence user friendly.

The app provides an up to date results to the users ,which makes them to mostly prefer it to other applications.Both the android phone users and iPhone users can effectively use this app and gives them an alternative offline search. Anyone who have installed this application have experienced an easy time when browsing or streaming videos .


The application is small in size about 22.0 MB thus compatible to all android,iPod ,iPad and iPhone irregardless of their storage and also user-friendly to the customized users.The application can load results very quickly because it is small in size and therefore gives instant search results to the users.Smart search application is available to users from England,Germany,Russia and Turkey hence enabling them get desired results faster,and everything works like a local search engine.

All the features that one desires in a search engine are adversely available in the SMART SEARCH application very fast and instantly hence all android users should install this app ,also it is small in size thus can not occupy big storage.


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