Relationships are not easy, but they are worth it. There are few people who have long lasting relationships because it is not simple to hang out with someone when you don’t know in this unreal world. It takes time to build a relationship and seconds to break it. Everyone who gets married hopes that their relationship will be the one for the storybooks. However, many marriages end in divorce. The reason being lack of understanding and trust. Do people who stay married know better how to choose their partners? Sometimes, it may be! If you choose someone who is at least tolerable and a good match for you then you are a lucky guy! I can tell you a better solution which is called “Connexion”.

Connexion is an app that aims to connect people who are single and ready for a relationship or want to date someone. Developed by Alain-Serge Nagni, it’s the most wonderful app on iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod touch. You only require 9.0 or any later versions of the Operating System to run this app on your device. Make sure that you are 17 years or above to use this app.

 The Matchmakers of Connexion have organised the network that makes it different from other dating apps. By signing up you can decide whom you want to see and who sees you. It’s totally a verified app where you can deal with real profiles, not a bogus one. You can invite other people also to join Connexion.

 Connexion solves the queries of most of the people and help them to find a long lasting and meaningful relationship. They are your own family members, friends and co-workers who form a ‘Connexion’. These people are ready to help you to find your perfect match by introducing you to other singles. They will share their contacts with you and you can search, like and match with the search option.


The ‘Smart Profiles’ will show your shared contacts so that you can see the links between you and your potential matches. It creates a network of potential matches that are trustworthy and you want to date them. Receive notifications and messages only from the people you like. The moment you feel someone is annoying, then you can instantly hide or delete them.

 Connexion is a fastest growing dating app around the globe. You can subscribe to Connexion with its subscription packages.

$15.99 @ 1 month

$13.99/month @ 3 months

$12.99/month @ 6 months

$11.99/month @ 12 months

 The prices are in U.S dollars and may vary in other countries. For other information you can visit the official website if Connexion.

 Download it today and find your true soul mate with Connexion. It is available for free in the App store. Give it a try now! May be someone is waiting for you.

 PROS: reliable; makes meaningful relationships; trustworthy; saves time; fastest dating app; safe and secure; free.

CONS: none.


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