Did you know that you can share your special moment’s videos instantly from your phone? Are you looking for the latest iPhone app to help you to share your images in real time? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. Pictures and videos always remind us the good times we had with our friends and family members. They help to keep our relationships strongly bonded in love. They help us to show compassion to those who are in need. There have been many apps in the market, but none of them has helped users to share videos or images instantly. This article will provide all the information about Laleoo iPhone app that you absolutely need to know.

How does the Laleoo app work?

The app is very to use at only need to follow these basic steps as outlined below;

– First, you need to create a title of your image or video and add your personal message

– Select the name of your friends you want to receive the message

– Estimate how long your moment will take

– Congratulations, your moment has been created and your friends will get it every time you capture it

Features of the Laleoo iphone app

-Tagging feature

It is possible to tag your friends and relatives into your special moment courtesy of this app. This means that your friends can add pictures to your moment as well.

-Continuous Snaps

This means that you can snap back the videos or images without uploading them. This is done in real time and there is no waiting time. You can snap as many pictures or videos at once and later send them to your friends and relatives at once. This means that this app will help you to take advantage of every great moment that comes your way.

-Timing feature

The app gives users the ability to set the duration of their moment as it continues to send the videos or images as it unfolds. The videos and images are immediately shared with your friends and relatives.


Instant sharing

This app allows users to share their special moment’s pictures in real time as they are happening.

Device requirements

The app can only work well if your iPhone has met the below requirements:

It needs iOS 9.0

-it is compatible with iphone,ipod touch, and ipad respectively

Advantages of the Laleoo iPhone app

There are several advantages that users can enjoy from using this app as outlined below;

– Enhanced security

The app has a privacy setting that allows you to select the friends that you want to receive your messages.

-Allows users to capture and share their special moments

The app gives an opportunity to share their special moments with their friends and relatives in real time


The app requires an internet connection for it to work effectively which is an added cost to iPhone users.

Final verdict

From my experience, using the app, I can attest to the fact that this app shares your pictures and videos instantly. If you want to enjoy any great moment with your friends, then you need to download Laleoo iPhone app from the app store and share your moment with your friends instantly!


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