I am a building contractor who does the work of construction and remodelling. It is not easy to make estimates, manage the works, settle payments, keep the tools in place and do everything on time. This business app named Contractor+ has proved to be extremely helpful and valuable in my recent project.

Given by Contractor Plus Inc, many contractors have rated this app so well and I came to see for myself how helpful they have been in answering my questions. Their customer service is so nice and I can write to them on [email protected]. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It skyrockets the productivity and profitability of contractors and takes your business to the next level.

With free accounts, directory listing, custom SMTP, customizable reports, tool inventory management, Bluetooth tool tags, time clock, mileage log, homeowner financing, payment options, supply pricing and a lot more, this app would be the best choice when compared to similar apps in the market. It allows users to keep track of the employee hours and mileage and enables GPS validation to track their locations, drive speeds and routes.

With this app, users will be able to easily itemize estimates, send professional invoices, automatically streamline payments, etc. They can conduct task by task post-inspection just by using a few taps. They can also obtain built-in supply pricing from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards. No matter wherever you are going to shop, the app provides the up-to-date supply prices. Contractor+ assists users in getting free leads from the Contractor+ club directory.

It almost has everything a contractor needs and it allows you to impress the clients, unite all the team members and grow the business with this one ultimate tool. Configuring the payment options and collecting payments from your clients is possible with WePay, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net and even crypto payments. The inventory tool tag lets all the team members check out and check in tools just like a library book so that nothing gets lost.

Contractor+ lets users to quickly review each task that has been completed and take photos of it and later send an inline report to the clients and showcase finished results. All the estimates, invoices and post inspections can be branded with the logo and contact information on the app. Additionally, you can configure an outgoing (SMTP) email address and get all reports delivered to the clients directly from the email address.

Contractor+ helps users sync with all the estimates, invoices and payments on Quickbooks. This makes work a lot simpler and eliminates the time and labour spent on saving redundant data entry. Contractor+ is highly recommended to anyone who does home improvement business out there.

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