Smart Marketers Magazine, an iOS app, is a monthly publication that has been written for digital marketers by digital marketers. If you are tired of visiting many websites just to stay up to date with industry news, then this app has a simple solution. It brings all the news in the industry into a single publication for you. You can then easily get hold of the best articles to read online. The amount of information is indeed overwhelming and delighting.

Developed by Vision Genesis Ltd., Smart Marketers Magazine is a one-stop for tips, ideas and articles on the web right on your iOS device. It is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher versions of the iOS and 14.1 MB of memory space. The magazine is not only informative but also very interactive. You can use it to browse articles and more in a variety of niches including, but not limited to digital marketing, traffic optimization, marketing funnels, conversion optimization and market trends. Under each of these topics, there are a variety of insightful articles on all kinds of topics. It is here to help you succeed in your business or career in digital marketing.

The app design is indeed worth mention. It has the typical feel of a classic magazine for tablets. To turn to the next page, you have to flip across your screen as you would do with any magazine. The pages flip with a natural flipping effect to give you a more realistic feel. There is a bottom bar that allows you to navigate to the table of contents or any desired page. To zoom in our out, you just have to double tap on your screen. This helps you read in case you happen to find the standard size of the text straining your eyes. Also, to give you a gist of what each edition holds, the cover page has a few of the catchy themes and featured articles contained inside. The ‘home’ button allows you to exit the current issue of the magazine immediately.

The organization of the articles within the magazine makes it easy to navigate and to use indeed. All editions follow a basic format so that you know where to expect to find what. The ‘introduction’ has the featured articles to get you interested right in the beginning. Following that is the ‘News section’ which brings to you the latest trends and news in the current industry. The ‘Ideas’ section has many tricks and ideas to stimulate your mind and help enhance your skills in the field. ‘Article’ section has advice on digital marketing from the best in the industry and the ‘Resources’ section has tools to help you progress in the niche.


With the simple yet smart mantra of “Market smarter, not Harder”, the Smart Marketers Magazine app provides you convenience like never before. The app gives you the real feel of reading the hard copy as the retina display enhances the image quality and provides excellent image display. This, combined with the user friendly controls and large amount of information available makes the app worth downloading.

Good: User friendly interface and design

Bad: None