The new buzzwords on the guitar scene are: Final Guitar iOS App. This is a fab new app for beginners and intermediates and means you can improve your guitar skills without having to have a real guitar at hand – something that would be impossible if you are riding on public transport, for example. Downloads soared when the high profile musician Mikio Fujioka, aka the “God of Guitar,” who is part of the Baby Metal orchestra played and endorsed Final Guitar in one of his hot promotional videos. Fujioka, who was born in 1981, is also referred to as the little God, or”Ko-Gami” in Japanese, as his only 5 foot 2 inches tall. He won the 2000 GIT Masters at just 19 years of age and became a Sensei when he collaborated Young Guitar Magazine by contributing monthly music sessions, so his recommendation that Final Guitar is the number one app is highly valuable.


Virtual Guitar is designed to help users train their brain and ears with the proper music letter sounds. This is essential for budding guitarists, and the beauty of it is that this app can be used any time anywhere so the chances of rapid self-improvement are extremely high. The app is state-of-the-art in that unlike others, it only uses live recorded sounds made by a high-quality acoustic guitar and unlike other applications, it is not generated by the program. When users learn an broad range of sounds with their letters, they can test themselves to see how well they remember them by taking part in a game designed with inbuilt ear training.


The Absolute Guitar simulator is an exciting guide for learners and acts like a virtual guitar. It is designed for everyone who wants to rapidly learn the guitar so they can get playing all the music they love. This fantastic app comprises everything users require, has all the basic fundamentals, and takes virtual guitar playing to the next level.

There is an excellent clear diagram displaying a cord to help users get to grips with both the complex and basic chords.

User Interface
The display screen on the iOS App really comes to life when you hit Final Guitar and the illuminations are brilliant.

User Experience
Fujioka was quite right, Final Guitar is definitely a winner and the number one app for everyone who wants to learn and improve their guitar skills.