I’m really happy to share my success story as an affiliate marketer on World Platform. As you all know this pandemic situation has shattered the entire world and all that reciprocated in my business as well. During that time I was unable to do anything except for surfing the net since I was locked up with my stressful thoughts and actions. The only work which I was doing is surfing, surfing and surfing to find innovative measures to revamp my business and still withstand the market.   I  tried many platforms to be successful amidst the competitive era. And finally, ended up creating an account with the world platform as a seller. With full hope and positivity honestly speaking just within few months I gained my business back. Because this world platform has such a huge number of visitors every day and your products are indeed more likely to be seen by customers.

Moreover, this World platform is not only for Affiliate marketing it is also for Customers and sellers as well. This great innovation will be advantageous for the below mentioned

  • Customers – As a customer, you can enjoy shopping directly from sellers or get inspiration from successful affiliates and purchase the products you want!
  • Sellers  – As a seller, you post your products and create your online shop. If you want to grow your business you can accept affiliates to promote your products, using their content to attract customers. You can set a different commission for the products.
  • Affiliates – As an affiliate you can help others to sell their products. All you have to do is create a seller account, post great content and wait for the seller to approve it. You get commissions for every purchase made from your posts.

Highlights of World Platform

  • You start by creating a customer or seller account.
  • You can have both: seller and affiliate posts from the same account
  • 12% commission of every dollar you help raise for our campaign! 
  • For 1000 backers you’ll get the Grand Seller/Affiliate for 1 Year Package – worth $360
  • For 2000 backers you’ll get the Premium Seller/Affiliate for 1 Year Package – worth $600​
  • For 3000 backers you’ll get the VIP Seller/Affiliate for 1 Year Package – worth $1200
  • For 4000 backers you’ll get the World Best Seller/Affiliate for 1 Year Package – worth $2400
  • For 7000 backers you’ll get the World Best Seller/Affiliate for LIFE Package – worth more than $72.000.
  • Also, get another reward for the number of backers you bring to our campaign, no matter the contribution they make

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I was very much happy about the wise decision of creating an account with World Platform. Never expected that this World platform could give my professional life back in the business. My sincere gratitude for developing this application hence my life is regenerated.