Suppose you’re facing some shadow demons while going somewhere at night and suddenly they trap you! Then what will you do? Will you get frightened by them or fight with them! Of Course, you should fight and try to escape from the shadow realm! You know that demons attack you during the spiritual warfare of good versus evil which is constantly going on in the world. They are not fake but real spiritual beings who want to hurt human beings for their own sake. Today, I’m going to introduce you such an app which is based on these demons and their shadow realm from where the player needs to escape!

Don’t get worried, it’s a game! They can harm you only while being in the game! You just enjoy the game and the horror characters! I’m sure you’ll definitely experience something new and will find the game exciting. So let’s know about this amazing role playing game called Demon Escape: Shadow Realm, which has been developed by Golive Games Studios AG. The app has been compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having iOS 8.0 or any later version of the Operating System.

Demon Escape is the ultimate frightening demon game on the market. It is based on the strategies that you have to build on your own! The main aim of the gameplay is to save yourself from the demons and escape the shadow realm by passing through various levels. Basically, you as a player have to control the demon hunter and fight against the demons. There are two demon hunters, Neel and Laal, each having their magical powers and bow. You can choose one of them and start defeating the demons. It’s your duty to use the arrows wherever possible and slay the demons by building awesome strategies! You can upgrade your bows and quivers to give your heroes, some special properties which can help you on your quest to escape the shadow realm.

There are thousands of shadow demons in your way, but you’ve to run through the shadow realm and find a new route to escape. The primary goal of the game is to avoid the shadow demons and the dangerous shades. Demon Escape will put your reaction speed and strategy to the test as you figure out the safest path through the shades while on the move.

The controls of the game are very simple and easy such as swiping the screen for moving up and down, etc. The graphics of the game are quite interesting and realistic with amazing sound effects also. Seriously, you can feel the real presence of demons around you! You can now imagine about the fun which you’re going to experience in this whole new game!

So, slay your enemies and run from the shadows in this amazing endless gameplay! Are you ready to go through this adventure? Then come and join the fun!

Pros: frightening game; easy yet challenging; entertaining gameplay; easy controls; act as the Legendary demon hunter; various levels; test reaction speed; the intuitive UI; free of cost.