The Story

Journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape with KYO-YA, a high school student who wakes up, to a violently changed world.

On meeting a strange human girl, Asagiri, he learns that the entire planet has been devastated by war. Plantlife and Animals decimated, buildings destroyed and as an atonement. She says, “There is nobody on earth, except me… and you…” Asagiri must relive every single death as a consequence.

You begin as KYO-YA, the main character, waking up in a room of a derelict building, within a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a planet; finding himself unable to move he watches a girl pass by who stops to speak with him. She tells him she must atone for humans’ sins’ by repeatedly dying, to experience the death of those killed by humans in the past, dying the same way, walking without sleep, living always in pain, and that he must carry her through the ruined world on a journey while she does so.

Asagiri explains “God gave me this body so I can revive if I die” going on to say that it is her mission’. KYO-YA begs Asagiri to stop, saying he doesn’t believe what she’s telling him that everyone cannot be dead and determines that he will not only travel with her but carry her if he has to in order to find other survivors saying, “I’ll carry you. Until you say it is enough, I’ll carry you now and forever.”


Stand by You is easy to download and instal onto your device. It’s fluid, simple to play and follow. It cuts to beautifully animated visuals that embellish the story giving you a pictorial addition to the game. With its well-constructed segments and logical conclusion, it makes for seamless playability that is both enjoyable and challenging.

Pros / Cons

Pros: it’s simple, easy, holds a story to draw your eye and mind, entertaining you with its quirky syntax and speech. As a novel/short story game, it’s relatively smooth moving from scene to scene and can be completed in three to five hours. Well constructed segments and logical conclusion.

Cons: it costs, at £4.89, it’s not the most expensive game you can buy but it is worth the money you spend; it’s somewhat depressing, rather violent at times, some of the content is rather graphic and not to everyone’s taste.


This game is recommended for older players, hence the rating of PEGI 16 due to its violence and setting. If players are drawn to a post-apocalyptic world with stunning Japanese animation and breath-taking artwork then this will certainly be a game they’ll enjoy.

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