Apparently, it is essential to critically ensure that phones are well protected against physical damage. On the other hand, most individuals tend to overlook the aspect of the internal damage and inefficiency that may be imposed to a phone that does not perform well. This is a common case that is evidenced when the performance of the phone does not meet the expected standards. In most cases, this problem is encountered when the phone might be containing idle apps, having insufficient storage space (both internal and external storage) and even due to the RAM memory being full. With the introduction of Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app, everything has been made pretty ease to manage in just a couple of minutes.

Understanding Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app

This is a high quality app which was last updated on 6th March, 2016 to apply different improvements on its version 2.7. Some of the issues it was able to tackle include bug fixing and introduction of the information system which gives information related to the phone. This amazing product is currently offered by MDroid Apps which are known to develop high quality app.


In relation to its operation, this great app has proved to be efficient when it comes to boosting the memory of the phone, freeing of storage space and in improving the overall performance of the phone in general. This has made it to be top-rated (with overall rating of 4.4/5)


Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app has proven to be efficient when it comes to functionality thus getting a highly defined platform can indeed boost its overall performance. Currently it works quite well in Android devices version 2.3.3 or any new version present in the market.

Distinct Features

Highly detailed system info

This is a new feature that has been incorporated in this version to provide detailed information that relates to the android phone system. This makes the user to perfectly understand how to properly manage such a phone in the best way.

Proper battery maintenance

Apparently, the battery is able to be sustained perfectly well with the adoption of the Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app. Actually, it tends to last eve much longer than expected.

A great tool for boosting privacy

How is this facilitated? It actually tends to erase the information that can be accessed by third party, for instance text and MMS, Clipboard data, different call logs together with browser history.

Manages Apps Efficiently

The Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app takes charge of the apps by providing a secure backup to all the active apps. On the other hand, it removes other apps that are not effective.

Maintains perfect temperature for CPU

Since CPU plays a critical role in checking the overall performance of the phone, this great app ensures that its temperature is consistently cooled down in order to boost its performance.

Improvement in gaming experience

When space is fully occupied, this actually reduces the overall performance of the gameplay making it to slowdown. With the aid of Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app, more space is freed making the game efficient to play.

Boosting of the phone’s memory

This activity highly enhances the level of output achieved after the RAM space has been freed. Thus a boost in memory clearly indicates an improvement in phone’s performance.

Junk materials getting cleared

The essence of this materials and files being completely deleted clearly implies that more free space is created thus making the gone to generally experience an improvement in its performance.

Below are the Pros and Cons one can come across on Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app:


· High level of privacy enhanced

· More space created especially after deleting junk files

· Game launching made much easier

· Learning experience from system unit

· No more charging of phone each time


· Performance declines with time

· May become ineffective if storage space is overly big

Final Verdict

Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app is just an incomparable app with great capabilities to deliver and meet the expected needs of the users. This is attributed by its efficiency, high quality nature and reliable. It is the right time to ensure that the phone is completely free from any slowdown process. Get Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app today at Google and it will never be the same again!