The fun game is all about swiping the characters called Elemelons. Swipe the Elemelons to the respective color of the wall. Crash them and swipe them. Two modes of the character, chill mode and sliced mode. Simple game with cool graphics and well-designed interface. There is an interesting story behind the Elemelons which every gamer should know as facts of the game.

Five different characters:

The Watermelon:

He is the geek of the team or you can say the smartest of all. He has a crush on Firemelon but due to physical law, this love is hardly compatible as he sweats a lot and firemen is extremely charming and sexy.

The Firemelon:

She is also known as Miss volcano. She is sexiest of all, and always ready to put her credit card on fire. She has a charming personality and is different from all.

The Earthmelon:

Tough and respected Business woman. She is the richest of all, as she has the knowledge that earth is made up materials like gas, oil, and gold. She is helpful and generous. She is down to earth and rumors say she also helped in financing the game.

The Airmelon:

He is the strongest of all.Very upset with his weight and desires to be perfect in shape like a tornado. He does hard work out and always runs like the wind. He is a dreamer who loves to float in his thoughts.


Features of Elemelons:

1) User Interface:

Elemelons has a wonderful user interface and the app starts by randomly selected Elemelons. There are five lives offered in the beginning. The user can also see the rankings among the top players in the world.

2) Timer Boosts:

In the beginning of the game, every gamer is provided with 10 timer boosts to slow down the speed of the Elemelons. Use the timers wisely as they are limited.

3) Watch the video and get a second chance:

If the score is high and if the gamer wants to continue it, but has got no life he can simply watch the video for an extra life. The gamer can watch a video to get a second chance and so as to get one extra life.

4) Take a selfie and hit the share button:

The user can share the best score by taking a selfie and sending them to the friends or can simply save the image to the gallery. The gamer can send or post them on different social networking sites and can challenge his friends to beat his score.

5) In-app purchases:

The user can buy the goodies, such as the pack of lives and pack of boosts. The pack consists of 5, 15 and 40 lives respectively. The time booster pack consists of 7,20 and 55 time boosters respectively.

 Difficulty level:

The number of Elemelons in the game will increase with the progression of the game making it difficult for the user. The wall and its color keeps changing with the progression of game disturbing the mindset of the gamer. The music of the game also gets intense with the progression of the game. The gamer gets a feeling of rush while playing the game, hence increasing the chances of error while playing.


1) Gamer-friendly interface.

2) Does not require much space for installation. Quick and easy installation.

3) Cool graphics and animations.

4) Great in performance.

5) Easy to use.


1) Limited timer boosts.

2) The sudden occurrence of Elemelons while playing the game, often creates the hazard while swiping the correct Elemelon.


The game is designed with cool graphics and features and they keep on developing the application in order to improve the user experience. The new exciting features will be launched soon with new updates.


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