The recently launched Defense Zone 3D HD Android game exposes the player to long periods of action-based gameplay. Just like any other tower defense game, Defense Zone 3D places the player into the character of a master strategist who has to decide which defenses should be built and where to maximize firepower. This game is powered by the Unity 3D engine, guaranteeing good visual effects and graphics. It is available on the android google play store for download and app store for purchase.

The Plot

Defense Zone 3D is based on the defense formula for the classic tower, where one holds their ground against enemies’ invasion. The major goal is to prevent the enemies from reaching the terminal of their way. The player is provided with weapons and tools capable of stopping the invaders in their path. These include rocket launchers, machine guns, and flamethrowers of diverse ability and strength. This game, therefore, aims at testing one’s management skills and sense of basic logistics. This is because one has to decide which weapons they should buy and more so where to station them, in addition to managing the upgrade and restoration of the veteran turrets.

The graphics for this game are awesome, though optimal visual experience is not appealing on mobile phones bearing older specifications. The nature of the landscape varies with an advance in levels, providing a variety of environment from forests, rocky outcrops to an arctic landscape. Difficulty levels are several, with the hard mode being the most challenging. For those intending to relax and enjoy the gameplay, easier difficulty levels are available.


Online Scoreboard

A player can track his or her progress and overall score in this game through the OpenFeint tracking system. This system lets individuals compare their overall performance with other players, adding a part of a competition which is appreciated by many gamers.

Gameplay, Turrets Control, and Interface

Attacking troops attack in waves, hence as the defensive side, one has to stop them using the many towers. Apart from the regular waves, one also has to withstand air raid. Attacking airplanes follow different paths to other enemies and one can only attack them using special anti-airplane towers. The machine gun and rocket launcher are the defense foundation, so one should prioritize them. More expensive upgrades for turrets pop up as the player advances, each bearing a unique damage effect.

As the commander, one has to organize barriers and issue orders before another attacker wave arrives. The player should simply tap and drag a turret to add it into the defense build-up. One should learn when and how to upgrade the turrets rather than just building them for an excellent experience.

An interface is ever available for quick access to information. The upper part of the screen shows the number of waves at the time and the remaining, available money and health. The lower part displays available towers and their total cost, menu and fast-forward and pause buttons.

New features on this game include great visual effects, in-game tips available as one waits to advance to the next level and a nice gameplay environment.

Why Choose Defense Zone 3D HD?

This games gives a captivating gameplay experience for hours and is competitive on the part of online scores. It also has a unique and exciting style despite the lack of some important features like a tutorial. It is enjoyable, and I feel gamers should give it a try!


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