Tracking workouts through apps has become the trend of the day. Not only for humans, there are apps that allow for tracking the walks you take with your doggies. If you own one or more puppies and you feel like it is important to monitor their health, then I would recommend to you the app named mean, the company, dotD, Inc has come up with.

This awesome app mean – for all doggies is available for iOS users and it lets you to record and view the correct route with details like distance, time and frequency of your walk or run with your puppy. When you have this in your pockets you can very well maintain the health of your dog with much ease.

With mean, users can get to know what their dog feels by walking with them. All that you have to do is to download the app and click on the start button as you take a walk with the puppy. The app calculates the distance each time and makes a graph using it. With mean, you can also pause when you get in a vehicle or when your dog wants to pee. It will be greatly useful when you want to understand your dog’s feelings and make use of it to manage your dog’s health regularly.

Mean has a map that lets you to manage your dog walks when you start using it with your family. There is a share icon that lets you share all the info with them on social media using which your dog can enjoy the privilege of walking in his favourite park or spot with different members of the family. The ‘History’ column of the app helps you to manage your daily walks in a time frame. The graph display under the dashboard of Mean gives you the number of walks that have been taken in accordance to the preset targets.

With mean, users can take photos as they walk with their dogs and add notes when they enjoy walking with their furry friends. This enables you to have a look at all the past walks you had with your pet. I loved this feature so much as I am a dog lover and it is really the most special experience to recall all the fun time my puppy had when I took him out.

Mean comes free of cost for download and it has many in-app purchases for a price of $2.99. This ‘Lifestyle’ app requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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