This application is so cool – I’m loving Fling!My relative in the United Kingdom told me about this app and how she is loving it so I downloaded Fling (I live in Houston, TX) on my Iphone and started using it to explore the world as a basic thing at first then I downloaded it on my Ipad to have a better experience using the app.Basically, You can see people’s posts from all over the world (literally ALL OVER THE WORLD), it’s like a place to post things, photos, quotes, etc… about yourself and your country.

This app allows you to get to know people from different countries and yet different backgrounds and mentalities, and then get to know more about them and about their culture,nationality and country. You can create a page for yourself like a profile page where you state your country (people get to follow people or search for people depending on their country) you can post as much photos as you wish to have, and then have people follow you and they might like your photos and probably refling them and basically this will lead you to having more reflings more followers and more viewers and that’s how you become famous on Fling and have more people sharing your flings!

What I like the most about this application is that it lets you choose which country or from which country are the people you want to get introduced to. It’s like reading a book about a certain country or the culture in that country. Apart from what the application lets you to explore and get introduced to, it is super easy to use and benefit from all its features.What’s I found most interesting and different from any other apps that are somehow similar is the country feature (adding a country, basically your country to your profile page underneath your name and photo) that is really helpful if you are a travel lover and want to know more and see more about countries you wish to visit. You can even make friends in different countries using this application and probably get to meet up with them while traveling to different countries, and vice versa!


Why not install an app where it helps you learn more about people in your own country or in different countries, an app that introduces you to secret treasure in some countries an app that introduces you to people from all over the world (so many people for different countries have this app and use to to post things about their country on a daily basis) and an app that is nothing close to dullness since nothing is routine-ish, everything or every fling is from a different angle in the world.I love this app and since I installed it and started using it I’ve been having more and more international friends and I have a Fling-friend that is coming from Canada this weekend to Houston where we’ll be meeting up for some nice adventures in the city!