Loop Man is a funny little running game that will get you instantly hooked the minute you download it as an iOS App. The game has a very simple premise in that your goal is to run as long and as far as you possibly can. That’s it, very simple and easy to understand. There is no finish line and you have no competitor other than yourself. So you will want to beat your own personal time, each time you play it. And you will play it again and again.

This iOS App is available for all your apple devices and only takes a few moments to download. When you do you will be set with simple graphics that include the Loop Man himself as well as a cityscape background. Your main goal will be to stay alive, yet there are two ways to do that. The first and main goal is to avoid the obstacles that are in your way. You will need to jump and duck in order to do this. You will have objects come at you, or be in your way that are thrown or in the air, even on the ground. The second part is to collect coins, but be mindful as some of the coins will be set to make you fail. The coins are used to buy more life, so you are stuck between trying to get them, or to avoid them.


The controls are simple as all you need to do is touch the screen on the device you are playing the game on. It does take a little effort, work and timing in order to get your jump timed just right. While the game is addictive to say the least, you will have to watch yourself when you are hitting the replay button. You could find yourself doing it over and over again, as you try to reach those elusive coins.