There are many people who are often on the road and looking for something extra to earn. In this modernised world, running errands in between work has helped many people to earn that little extra money they need. Also running errands while you are on the road lets you meet many people. It also helps you to put aside some money for a rainy day. Also you will only be working when you want to and not on a full time basis.  You can easily meet new people every day and also practice on your social skills through this way.

It is important to always have a job on the side that pays. Because even if your current job is hanging loose by the thread, you will be able to support yourselves with the income you earn from this job. Also by doing a job on the side helps you to manage your time efficiently and keeps you brisk throughout the day. It will also enable you to reduce slouching and have a proper time management as it is natural that people will allot time off their schedule for tasks that pays them instantly than for those that pay every month.

How the app works:’

‘On my way’ application is a great app for people who own a trailer or truck and see themselves constantly on the road. It can also be sued by people who have the necessary equipment and skills and wish to earn extra income. A person can become an ‘On my way’ agent by registering their profile in the app. This app is generally for people with transportation skills. You can list yourselves in the app if you are good with any household repairs and transporting things.

Features of the app:

  • Helps agents extra money
  • Useful for people on the road

Compatible with:

Android and iOS.