Storyo is an iOS app designed to be a digital storyteller. The concept is not totally new, as there have been similar apps developed before. However, Storyo provides a useful way of quickly creating stories out of your multimedia materials such as videos and photo.

The main purpose behind the Storyo iOS application is to allow users to collate various images and videos from a given period. Once the collage is done, users can proceed to combine them into a slideshow that contains metadata information such as location and time.

User Experience

Storyo app’s concept works well, providing a good user experience. However, when spotting your photo albums, the application is still having some occasional issues. Storyo iOS app offers details on the time when your images were taken and their location, once you’ve selected your photos. The application also offers available options for the slideshow’s theme and duration.

The Storyo iOS app still needs to work on its few stability issues. Another thing is that the app promises to suggest new stories for you, but this feature doesn’t seem to work just yet. However, the app has plenty of potential as a handy way of creating fun slideshows out of your videos and photos.

User Interface

Storyo’s user interface is simple and intuitive. Working with the app is just a matter of hitting the create button. You get a fairly appealing slideshow a few moments later, complete with timings, as well as a map of the location.

The focus is on your images and each theme is fairly simply done. Users can opt to relabel the times, as well as changing the text that highlights the time and day. This way, it is possible to create your own story.

If you wish, you can also add a soundtrack to your Storyo slideshows, including entries from your music library. By using this app it doesn’t take long to see results, as the user interface is all fairly simple.

For more advanced users, perhaps would have been convenient if the app would come with the ability to adjust the colors of images or contain a few more filters. However, for regular users the interface offers enough options and there is always the choice of editing your photos by using beforehand a specialized app.


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