Squawk Mobile works as a social media platform setting. It users are able to express themselves through pictures with a spice feature that geo-tags them. The app creates memes for its users since it has different options to explore. Drawings, animated stickers, voice messaging, text messaging, photo montages, ‘selfies’ and GIF images can be used to capture an event, memories or even favorite locations. Squawk Mobile possesses a username based mechanism that enables users to connect with friends through other social media platforms like Facebook without engaging their phone numbers. Besides, the application has great customization options that vary from easy change of profile images, different conversation backgrounds and chat bubble variable colors. There are no problems encountered when downloading or installing the application and it has a great photo editor with so many editing options, way beyond what apps like Instagram offer.

Squawk Mobile has a collection feature that works efficiently when the user has already done some event pins or favorite locations. This is even a better deal as the user can easily share this collection with friends. However, this information is only available to friends that have installed the application rather than all friends that are interconnected by an in-feature where same photos can be shared in Facebook. The application also has a notification feature that works efficiently to provide latest updates on the user’s photos, comments or locations. Squawk Mobile has also incorporated a following feature just like in twitter where the user can not only follow friends that have installed it but others in other in-featured social media platforms. The business or public page takes a few minutes to set up precisely less than in Facebook. This feature has the option of allowing the page to be accessed by any Squawk Mobile user but can also be privatized. Categorically, the application is some sort of a collection of several social media platforms. For teenagers, this app could strike a great deal as it allows the user to view a friend’s friend list and that makes finding more people easier. The fact that it has the option to self-destruct all messages relays the perception that once something is deleted, it can no longer be seen by anyone as it is also deleted from the servers.

There are some limitations that one may encounter with Squawk Mobile. It takes a longer time to send a message as compared to other social media platforms. Another issue is that it requires iOS 8.0 or higher which could make it not an option for iPhone, iPad and iPod users that have not upgraded to the same. It is only optimized for iPhone 5 which makes it some form of a beta application for other Apple products. This is an application that could be improved to incorporate other features like trending in twitter or being able to share the same user profile status to other social media platforms in an instant. Considering such stability and it being a feature-filled application, it will definitely get a lot of 5 star ratings.