Math Panda is a very extraordinary and educational Android game for all ages. Though it is mainly designed for K-12 students and their introduction to some real good learning aspects of math in general. Overall, it is definitely a math game, which is truly fun for everyone. What does everyone mean? Everyone means everyone from all ages. This means from the youngest to the oldest. It is fun enough to entertain parents, grandparents, and all those who have a true affinity or passion for math.

It doesn’t matter if someone is trying to learn basic addition and subtraction, or if, they want to learn the multiplication tables very effectively. The very same also does apply, if you want to just stay sharp with math, and use the game to help you achieve this desired goal. No matter what you decide to use Math Panda for at the end of the day. You will definitely like the game for all that it is in essence. It is an educational game that doesn’t have the feel of a game that is mainly educational. This is because it was designed with fun learning in mind.

What makes this Android game so highly effective as a teaching and learning tool is this. It was created to deliver two key elements side by side equally. These two key elements are no other than the adjusted parameters that can be personally applied to the game itself. These personal adjusted parameters are the very thing to make sure that one is playing at just the right level. Because it is only through playing at the right level that a person can have fun and learn at the very same time. Math can prove to be a real challenge to some, when it comes to absorbing it, as well as getting it from an understanding viewpoint. You are able to take Math Panda and use it to build your math skills. It teaches you, as you go along, and this go along comes at your own pace. The other element that Math Panda does have in abundance is this. It is no other than its amazing ability to appeal to everyone of all ages. It has a certain learning curve that is hidden amid the fun aspects of the game. It is a very interesting and competent app that knows exactly how to win over little ones and parents in a way that is completely natural and helpful at the same time.

Math Panda has four different modes of play and learn from it. These four modes do include Classroom, Challenge, Concentration, and Comparator. Each mode has its own method of teaching in a mode that will only serve to make one feel totally at ease and good about learning math in the most fun of all possible ways. This Android game is truly every inch an adventure in educational learning. Math Panda also has a totally versatile learning environment that offers varying options. Some of these options are multiple choice, keyboard, and handwriting. This Android Game is tops from a fun and educational standpoint. It is also a totally free app and one that many will love to always have around.


Overall Ratings For Math Panda:

(i) Concept – The concept of Math Panda is a very good one. This is because it makes learning fun in a challenging way that is positive. It is far better to learn with a smile on one’s face and in their heart.

(ii) Visuals – The visuals are fresh, appealing, and they draw the player immediately into the game. It is a colorful game environment that is warm and welcome in delivery.

(iii) User Interface – The user interface is very user friendly and simple to master. There is nothing hard at all about this truly amazing interface.

(iv) User Experience – What the user will get from playing this game is both educational and lots of true fun. It is a user experience like no other and fun education beyond fun.

(v) Animations – The animations are very lively, realistic, and they draw the player into the game like no other. This is a game that is very graphic, cute, and bubbly in its own way.

(vi) Sound – The sounds are very spot-on, they capture far more than just the ear, and they keep on listening as the game progresses.