This is most definitely a cool app for kids to have fun learning with on all fronts. Simple learning that is highly effective and fun is what preschoolers will get with Android Reading Free from Intellijoy. It will truly be a joy to be able to blend sounds to create words, to be able to form simple words, and most importantly to be able to read the words that are simply formed. Not only will little children find this game totally fun and enjoyable. It will also become something very addictive to them, as they keep on using it regularly, to learn and to read on their own. It is truly a game that brings education and learning together in a total new approach that is true personal discovery.

Games for Kids  is new and different. The visuals do have mind blowing art work. User interface for Kids Reading (Preschool) Free (a.k.a. Kids Learn to Read) is very simple and easy for preschoolers to master quite fast. The music and all sounds that this app have are awesome in delivery. The summary for Kids Learn to Read is this. It is a cool learning app, and cool all around for fun, that is truly captivating as a learning tool for your little one. It has all the bells and whistles that good educational games do have on the average. However, most importantly, it delivers on the element of big fun from a learning aspect that is simple and attention getting in a major way.


Kids Learn To Read, or Android Reading Free, is the 4th released app in Intellijoy’s Alphabet Curriculum Series and it is a delightful game that invites children to voluntarily blend sounds to form words, and to read these very words, all in one exciting game that teaches little ones without them even knowing that they are being taught. It is truly innovative, imaginative, and has a very easy learning curve that gets the youngster’s attention and keeps it completely throughout the educational game.

Android Reading Free will have preschoolers sounding, forming, and reading the new words that they make from playing this educational game themselves. What is great is they think they are just playing a cool game, but in reality, they are teaching themselves to read text. Learning is an adventure with this game. I would give this spot on learning game a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The one point less is because preschoolers cannot learn words longer than three or four letters long with this app. Nonetheless, it is still very awesome, despite the limit placed on length of words that can be learned.