A regular problem found in the internet is privacy in networks. We find ourselves into an open field of information that we can see and find but others might also find the same information and sometimes this information can be used badly against us. As the time passes many computer and smartphone developers look for a way in which information can be encrypted so that it can be more secure for using, having a great impact in how internet is used.

Rocket VPN is an app for both iOS and Android which allows users to navigate through a private browser which allows more security and privacy. Also allows mobile data encryption for apps and personal data taking security levels to max for the users.


The app allows people to encrypt their data and surf through the web in a secure way giving users more safety in what they look about. In the Android and IOs found as a top developer app. Rocket VPN gives you a 250mb of free data per month and also presenting the information of the private browser it contains. Allows you to secure your connection being this the most important feature of the app giving you a fast connection with a great privacy.

At first glance of the app it gives a comfortable environment but not taking away the professional stand point in what the app is used for. The decorative style of the app is dedicated and serious but colorful and attractive.

User interface
Rocket VPN presents an easy to understand interface showing detailed information that is separated making it easy to look for one function. The display panel presents options to report a problem with the app and also giving helpful FAQs so that users having any questions go to it and look for answers. It’s a clean interface that is not anything near annoying.


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