There are always new applications for phones that allow you to have fun while playing a game or listening to music. There are not always a lot of apps for our phones however that let you combine the fun with friends and family so that you can all have an enjoyable experience together.


That is until this cool app called Group Play came onto the market. Group Play allows one person to be a host with their phone acting as the Wi-Fi spot for the rest of the phones. When gaming this means you can all be playing the same game together either taking turns or interacting together depending on the game. This can make any game addictive while sharing.



There are many other features that allow you to make cool use of this app between multiple phones. One such feature is the ability to take multiple phones and turn them into a little party stereo system. Make the control phone into the control board, operating the music and volume controls while setting other phones as specific speakers, creating a surround sound with the phones. This makes Group Play worthy of the download by being able to have a party with great music anywhere you go.