Music has always been one of the elements that have really helped children in boosting their self- esteem and in expressing their views with utmost courage. Children tend to grasp the music content much easier if the learning platform provided for them is efficient, user-friendly and interactive in nature. Besides, a fascinating musical experience for children will absolutely keep them entertained all day long! Apparently, a new music moment awaits children who are ready to learn; this is after the introduction of the Mussila app, a great music game. This great app is designed to provide children with the basic music knowledge where they can get a chance to play different sets of music instruments. Everything is fun and worth trying with Mussila!

Understanding Mussila App

Apparently, this amazing game for kids has been designed and created by Rosamosa ehf which believe that music should be part of everyday people’s lives; thus it tends to pose more emphasis on the essence of availing music education to everyone. Mussila has displayed continuous great performance especially following its recent update on 15th June, 2016. It is currently available in English language which is conversant with many users. This amazing music game has been designed to target mostly children under the age bracket of 6-8 years who are ready to be exposed into music for the first time.

Additionally, the entire setup of Mussila app gets its entire adaption from a curriculum program that is meant to assist children in boosting their self-esteem. This is through engaging them in consistent fun activities and different music practices that can give them a great learning experience. Besides, this music game has taken considerations on gender balance thus giving a neutral ground as the children cruise through an adventurous experience in the game.


Getting into Mussila music game

At first, one should note that there is no experience needed when getting started with Mussila. The game introduces to a world of music where one gets into Musilla band and gets a chance to move to different places while performing in different jam sessions. The entire music experience is surrounded by mystery as the one make performances with monsters with great experience in music. The next thing is to make performance while being surrounded by strange creatures though the entire experience is quite fascinating.

Suitable Devices for Mussila app

This great app has been designed by award winning developers which make it an exceptional one when it comes to quality composition. This in turn makes it to work efficiently on platforms that exhibit high quality performance. It is well compatible with devices like iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. When it comes to the operating system, the user is required to have installed iOS 8.0 or any latest version in order to get consistent quality output.

Features Included in Mussila app

Below are the amazing features that are contained in this great app:

A chance to customize entire band

Mussila app contains this unique feature that makes the user to apply customized features on the band in order to bring out different rhythmic tones. This makes the entire band to perform according to the preferences of the user thus achieving the music tone desired.

Get rewarded with new outfits and instruments 

The player stands a great chance of winning and getting rewarded with new music instruments and unique outfits for the entire band. As the player ascends across different levels of skill building, one gets exposed to more instruments that will assist in achieving different melodies and rhythms.

Engaging jam sessions in-waiting

As one travels through different jam sessions with Mussila, there is an interactive moment with the musical monsters when making different performances. Besides, in some scenarios, the player is completely entangled within mystical creatures when making performances. This might appear scary but it’s purposely meant to instill great courage to the player.

Recording own music facilitated

Interestingly, the player gets an opportunity to record different songs which have been created after using a combination of different music instruments. The player can incorporate different piano notes within the music to make it come out super cool. The interesting part is that the quality of recording is high and the total experience worth taking.

Get different rhythms and melodies using instruments

This amazing Mussila music game introduces the player to a skill building level where one is exposed to different instruments. The entire process is quite engaging as the player gets to learn and master different rhythms together with melodies integrated there. A great experience indeed!

Gender concern 

The app takes the gender-based issue with great concern to ensure that the game is gender neutral with no infringement of any gender’s right. It is absolutely zero violence and gives each child equal musical learning opportunity.

Simple interface to operate

This feature makes it quite easy for the player to easily play this musical game and find it quite fascinating through the entire session. Besides, the game is ads-free to ensure that the player (with small age) concentrates all along during the game period.

Here are the pros and Cons found in the Mussila game. Check them out:


  • Quite an interactive session throughout the game
  • Fascinating learning experience gained
  • A chance to record own music is worth taking
  • Rewards like new outfits and instruments are amazing
  • User-friendly as it allows customization of the band


  • Some instruments are challenging to play and understand
  • Mystical features induce mild fear during music game


Mussila app has brought great transformation on the way children can have a musical learning experience. Its convenient nature, user-friendly approach and high performance has helped children build their self esteem besides learning essential music tips that highly boost their overall skills. This is indeed one of the best music games for kids that one can try out and get that amazing experience. It is now available for download on App Store. Don’t miss to get a look at it today!