Do you remember the snake game in the old Nokia phones. According to me, that was the starting point of gaming in mobile devices. Though many apps came into existence later, we can’t forget this snake game and it was definitely a benchmark for all the game app developers. This awesome team of developers of Greenland have come up with a unique twist in our old game and that’s Snakey.

What’s Snakey?

Developed by Tupilak gaming, Snakey is a crazy snake challenge game that belongs to the arcade category. The game is suitable for all those above 3 years of age and can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Working of the app:

You can drive your snake with movements by tapping either left or right on the screen to move it accordingly. The app has many different levels namely: Mission, Challenge, Impossible, Dark, Speedy and Endless. Each level of Snakey gives you different challenging tasks and your objective is to accomplish them. You have to dodge all the blocks on your path and collect diamonds and score more. Using the diamonds you have collected, you can unlock more levels.

The snake looks very big and it remembers us of pythons and that adds some more thrill to the game. This classy entertainment game, takes gaming to the next level. The levels ‘Dark’ and ‘Impossible’ were the more tricky ones as the game gets harder with restricted view and speedy movements of the snake. You can turn on/off the sound effects and the background music of the app is so fast-paced to keep you playing with an enthusiasm. You can also share your score with friends on social media and ask them to beat it if they can. The distance covered and the diamonds collected are displayed at the top of the screen.

Special Features of the app:

The app is so colorful and aesthetic and the controls are good. The two touch control of the game is very smooth and sleek. The game gets challenging every time and it requires a lot of skills and co-ordination to master. The user interface of Snakey is so simple and you wont have any difficulty in using it. Kudos to the developer for taking us back to our childhood fantasies with our modern mobile technology.

I wish to see some leaderboard options in the game to add more fun and some other power-up elements to be included by this team of innovative developers. Snakey is for sure a keeper and I had all the fun of arcade gaming with lot of interesting elements.

Worth Having App – Download the App