While I’m not the ardent fan of apps in general since App Stores get unique app features regularly, I was intrigued with Hype.TV: Watch Unboxing Videosdeveloped by Kannan Reghubecause it was such a special combination of quality features.

You can watch unboxing videos from real customers. Swipe down on the videos to buy products you like. Share your unboxing videos and earn from it. You can refer a friend and you will get $2 per signup and your friend gets $10 joining bonus.

Why should you care about this?

  • We all use several products in our daily life and have a lot of knowledge and experience about things we use.
  • Mission of Hype is to help you to bring this knowledge in front of the world in form of short video clips.
  • This helps you to monetize and earn cash from your own knowledge by sharing them to rest of the world.
  • You can then use this earned cash to buy more products from a connected marketplace of millions of products on Hype.

How does the app work?

For content creators or video makers:

  • Shoot & Share any product video experience using your iPhone camera.
  • Tag products on the app to your videos.
  • Earn cash when people like, share or buy products from your video.
  • Use your earnings to buy more products from a connected shopping mall on the app.

For shoppers or consumers:

  • Watch authentic product reviews videos or unboxing experiences.
  • Swipe down on videos to buy the products instantly.
  • Follow and get notified about your favourite video content creators & product categories.
  • Receive personalised video content delivered to your app tailored to your interest.
  • Shop from a huge catalogue of millions of products and categories on Hype.

Promo Offers on App:

1. $10 joining bonus for first signups

2. $2 per signup for referring a friend


Anyone who adores special app features will surely enjoy what they experience in Hype.TV: Watch Unboxing Videosdeveloped by Kannan Reghuthat’s for sure.