Is singing or dancing your passion? Are you a creative artist? If you are a creative who excel in any of these, you would be looking for some new opportunities to take you through in your career. If at all there is a platform to take you through all your bookings and programs on time, then this app would be the right choice.

GigMePro is an app that is available for both iOS and Android users and falls under the Social Networking and Social category in the App Store and the Play Store. Given by Joshua Nicholson the app is very useful to all the creatives to establish what they have accomplished so far. Looking for an artist for events can be difficult, GigMePro comes as a solution to this. It eliminates the middle man and lets the consumer get a front-row seat to exactly who they are about to book.

GigMePro acts as a platform that brings both the creatives and consumers together. The app provides you with the option to join either as a creative or as a consumer. It allows the creatives to present their accomplishments in their field be it music, singing, dancing, writing or any other artistic work that they do. The app comes with an interface that is user friendly and can be operated without any hassles.

The Menu items of GigMePro are Stream, About, Friends, Photos, Audio and Video. The app displays the number of people who have viewed your profile and the number of likes that have been obtained. Users are free to add tags to whatever they upload and also to add privacy/public settings to whatever they post on this app. People have the freedom to set their monthly booking schedule and prices. They can consult/book their fellow creatives. Creatives can set their daily statuses and form a network with artists from all over.

Not only for the creatives, but it is also a great boon to all the consumers. It allows them to choose from a wide variety of creatives and book them for a program through this app. Users can give a rating to the creatives they have booked so far and review them. This will be helpful to all those who want to book the creatives for their future programs. 

GigMePro is completely free to download and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions and with Android 5.0 or above versions.

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