Finding one’s way into the mainstream arena can be difficult for amateur musicians. Such an artist knows nothing else besides his talent. Nonetheless, it takes more than just talent to communicate your music to millions around the globe. For starters, you have to make the music video visually appealing. This would require hiring a music director, who will help you come up with the best quality of music videos. An easier option is to utilize the latest iOS app known as Music Video Maker by Shimmeo, which enables you to create beautiful music videos. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The language used for instructions is English.

How it Works

The Music Video Maker app is easy to use. If you have some tracks that you want to make videos for, you should first import them from your SoundCloud account. Next, shoot the video lip-syncing to that particular song. The boon to using this app is that it provides an immense scope for imagination with its style filter.

The app will instantly dub the music to your video, giving you an entirely in-sync music video, which you can send to friends, family and fans. If you have numerous clips, this app can bind them seamlessly into one; resulting in a brilliant music video.

The Best Features of Music Video Maker App


Music Video Maker is one of the most user-friendly apps. Instead of integrating sophisticated tools, the app uses software, which helps generate appealing music clips by just the click of a button.


Also, the app gives users a chance to select from a vast range of styles, which help your music video look flawless. Based on the style that you want, you can opt to record in normal, slow or fast modes.


With this app, you can generate professional looking videos in a short time. The app has a feature that facilitates seamless editing and transitions for your video, even when there are a number of clips shot.

Song Catalog

Another key highlight of the app is the music catalog, which has a listing of new tracks. It enables you to keep abreast with the latest artists and music. You can also choose to buy full-length songs.


The app allows you to make your Shimmeos discoverable to all other users. It also provides a platform where Shimmeo users can interact. You can choose to follow people by their usernames. Alternatively, you can use the search feature to look for genres.


Once you have created the music videos, you can share it with friends using the same platform. Alternatively, you can share using other media such as Facebook, Twitter, email or iMessage.

Lip Synching

This feature can dub music as you sing along to your favourite music. This way, it will appear as if you are the actual singer of the song.



Has a user-friendly interface
Helps you create seamless videos
Allows you to share music videos on other platforms like Facebook
Provides a platform for interaction with other Shimmeo users


Final Thoughts
If you have a passion for writing songs, Music Video Maker by Shimmeo can help you generate brilliant music videos

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