Hair Salon – Kids Games by 6677g Ltd is the very latest virtual hairdresser to appear among dozens of similarly named and themed free apps. Available for Android smartphones and tablets, this kids app is designed to bring out your child’s inner barber.

Not to be confused with the cuter Kids Hair Salon or other kids salon games, the 4 models in this app are still cartoonish but are more accurate depictions of real human beings. The animations are of a noticeably higher quality although the basic gameplay is almost identical.

After choosing either Amy or Amanda from the first screen (with Lisa and Jake available to unlock later), the model’s hair can be blown-dry, combed, cut, and styled according to which tools are dragged from the dock at the bottom and rubbed on parts of the model’s head. Tapping on other items such as a curling iron and crimper will change the parts of the model’s hair that they are applied to, and should you hate the effect, you can even shave the unfortunate character completely bald with clippers while she amusingly gasps in horror at your handiwork.


Respraying your model with a can of new hair also allows it to be colored as you wish. There is a vast selection of different colored dyes which can be used in separate areas of mixed together. If the results are still unacceptable, all those terrible hairstyling mistakes can be hidden under a hat, sunglasses, and a plethora of hair accessories such as bows, headbands, and flowers.

At this stage, clicking the camera icon will take a photo of your model which can be saved, emailed, or posted to Facebook. You can even use a few graphics tools such as a pen to draw, scribble, write a message, or color in parts of the still image. A stamper allows small pictures of various items such as cheese, butterflies, spaceships, and flowers to be dropped all over the image too. Whatever you don’t like can be erased.

The biggest drawback with this free kids app is that all the really good items are tantalizingly locked and are only available when the full version of the app is purchased. There are also a lot of full screen pop-up ads as you play, but obviously these will also not appear on the full ad free version.

With little of value here educationally, but a little bit of fun to pass the time, Hair Salon – Kids Games will keep children quiet for a few hours and at least allow them to create some amusing avatars.