One thing you can say for sure about Pinkfong’s Best Kids Songs is that it’s very energetic and loud. Everything about this free Android app is big, bright, and cheerful enough to entertain most musically inclined children up to 5 years old, and maybe some older children too.

Automatically adjusting according to orientation (and smartphone or tablet mode), the app’s touchscreen controls involve no more than tapping on a song from a selection of stacked boxes and letting each musical cartoon play. It’s so simple that a small child could do it, which is kind of the point. This is a kids song app after all.


Whether or not Best Kids Songs has any educational value is debatable. On screen lyrics could help to teach a child to read, but the vocabulary of most of the songs is rather limited, especially in what appear to be original compositions sung by children. To be quite negative about it, if some of these kids songs are meant to be the “best”, it would be interesting to find out what the creators of this kids app consider to be the “worst”.


Apart from the more obvious nursery rhymes which everyone knows and loves, some classic songs such as “Frère Jacques” have been mercilessly destroyed with alternative English lyrics which make even less sense than the original French. Others have been given an up-beat modern pop treatment which will undoubtedly cause frustration for any child who has already learned them with their original meter and tempo.



On the plus side, however, the animated graphics which accompany the songs are ridiculously cute and colorful with every lyric accompanied by an appropriately animated character. Cartoon sheep, cows, zebras, mice, teddy bears, pelicans, fish, crabs and a plethora of jungle animals all sing and dance along with the music while playing instruments or performing actions according to the chosen song. For example, during “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” a googly-eyed black sheep actually plays guitar and sings the song in front of a farmhouse while a trio of teddy bears are the happy recipients of her three bags of wool. Other creatures which look like spacehoppers or some kind of candy appear in between the songs.


Since Best Kids Songs doesn’t get much better than this, it’s obvious that little children will instantly adore it and drive their parents mad by playing all the songs over and over again. If the full version is purchased, the music will play non-stop for over 60 minutes, so you have been warned.