Manage and stream music from YouTube and your local music library, allowing you to listen to your favourite tracks whenever and wherever you want. Enhance and personalise your music experience, as well as optimise YouTube audio for maximum hearing clarity.

Cast YouTube Music and Podcasts

  • Cast music from your iPhone to any brand of speakers or headphones.
  • Connect to AirPlay-compatible and Bluetooth-enabled audio devices from most brands in seconds.
  • Listen to your favourite music with ease on your dedicated big speakers, Macs, and TVs.
  • Play unlimited YouTube content or your favourites saved in the Music app.

Fill Your Space with the Sound Of Music

Boost Muffled Audio with Ease

  • Boost YouTube volume by selecting one of the built-in hearing profiles.
  • Customise your music listening experience by using the built-in 8-band equaliser or an EQ preset.
  • Amplify podcast voices for maximum clarity and you’ll never have to rewind again.

Hear Every Minute Detail in the Soundtrack

Experience Like Never Before

  • Stream music to multiple AirPlay-compatible speakers to fill your space.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted music streaming free of ads and interruptions.

Have Fun Because Feeling Is Living

Never again will you have to choose between sound quality and convenience. You can listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you want, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Check Hypothecation Termination and Hypothecation Removal

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Final Thoughts

Keep track of unknown devices on your local Wi-Fi network, such as Bluetooth headphones, speakers, tablets, phones, and hidden cameras. Simply launch the app, select your devices from a map screen, and track their whereabouts. Manage a trusted device list, check battery levels, and conceal private conversations.

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