Available to download on iOS and Google Play, Props Love is a feedback platform like no other. It only lets you share positive feedback and focuses on the individual rather than a company, giving reviews a far more personal touch.

Having a nice experience while getting your morning coffee, for example, can set your day up nicely. You go to work feeling a little better, now wouldn’t it be nice to repay that? With Props Love you can send that person feedback, highlighting their strengths and leaving a note to show appreciation.

As an employee, you’ll be able to see a list of all the props you’ve received and how many props points you’ve earned. You can redeem your props points for gift cards at major retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, Target and more.

For business owners, team leaders and managers, Props Love provides incredibly valuable insight into your staff’s performance. We’re not talking about sales or turning up to work on time, Props Love will show how your staff go the extra mile when you’re not looking and how they leave a positive impression on your customers, brightening their day and improving the reputation of the business. 

Download Props Love on iOS and Google Play for free now!