Among many amazing mobile app games this Preschool EduKidsRoom for iOS would certainly help kids in several beneficial ways. This game would be regarded as one of the amazing fun educational games to learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters, time, sorting and much more features.

One could really possible to experience two adorable animated 3D characters guides’ children in their learning process. They have user friendly setting page which allows parents to customize by actively turning each game on or off. Generally they have two different skill levels with modes of easy (2-3 Yr Old) and normal mode of (3-5 Yr Old).

The app comprises 3D HD colorful graphics. It also includes amazing music, voice over and sound effects. They also have novel innovative reward system and surprise egg. The users could also enjoy unlimited play and therefore the amazing fun never ends. With this app the kids would learn sorting, organizing and classifying natures. The aid of laundry basket you could put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. With clothes sorting you could sort all the clothes by color and put them in separate baskets.


The kids also could learn letters and letters matching. They have alphabet memory with sound so one must match the alphabet letters and learn their sound. They also learn numbers and counting methods. One could easily match numbers. The users are able to match the two parts of puzzles to learn numbers from 0 to 9.

They also have safe box where it is possible to rotate the dial to set on the wanted number to unlock a safe. It is also possible to learn how to tell the time by most innovative time learning system. With apt clock puzzle one could easily build a clock and learn the time. Eventually this app actually has 16 different educational games which teach kids about Time, Matching, Sorting, Organizing, Shape Recognition, Puzzles, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Memory and much more.