With Scuba Calendar, now available to download on iOS, divers can keep track of dives, wildlife findings, experiences, different sightings, and so much more. There aren’t a lot of apps that boast this type of functionality, nevertheless apps for scuba divers, which makes Scuba Calendar a must download for any adventurer, diver, or swimmer.

You can prep for excursions by checking out regulations, environmental issues, and helpful reports on the app. The information is consolidated and you don’t have to look around different online forums and threads for it. Diving is still a niche sport and hobby so having an app that solves those common problems divers come across, can actually be life-saving.

Not to mention, Scuba Calendar is also great for travel agencies and any companies in the travel or diving industries. The app makes it very easy to find important information tourists & clients might be looking for, such as tips for sustainable diving, animal sightings, & other things needed for itinerary planning, so it serves dual (B2B and B2C) purposes.

The app is amazing for anyone actively involved in the diving industry – from divers to scientists. There aren’t enough good things to say about the comprehensiveness of Scuba Calendar.