Are you looking for the most amazing game to play on your iPhone or iPad and get a chance to earn coins as you play? This expert review article will disclose to you everything about the Snow Time Swipe iPhone App. The article will give you a brief description of this app, its features, how to use the app, its pros/ cons and what other users who downloaded the app on their iOS gadgets had to say after using it.

What is Snow Time Swipe iPhone App All About?

Ethan and his friends need help in order to escape out of the snow fort. Along the way, there are a myriad obstacles for instance moving ice, candy cane traps and many other challenging obstacles. Playing this game entails saving Ethan and his friends out of the avalanche. This game is a bit challenging because of its high degree of difficulty. Nevertheless, once you play it several times, you adopt to the strict timing. What’s more? Each time you play this game, you get a chance to win coins courtesy of the “Daily Prize Wheel” feature.


Game Features:
Snow: This feature freezes or stops the avalanche from moving for a moment.
Share: This feature gives the player an opportunity to share his or her score with friends on Facebook.
Blue Bottle: This invincible character has the ability to move across the avalanche.
Daily Wheel Prize: This new feature is included in the 2.0 version of this outstanding game. It enables the player to collect coin prizes along the way.
Watch: This feature allows the player to watch the avalanche in slow motion.

How To Play:
Simply swipe in the correct direction to unlock the door and see what is behind it. Meanwhile, you can collect the coins along the way which you may use to unlock other useful characters as you play.